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You seem
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here’s how to be
and recycle our packaging!

All of our packaging is designed to be kind to the environment. We use recyclable packaging whenever possible. In fact, the boxes arriving on your doorstep are 100% recyclable and the packing paper is responsibly sourced as certified by FSC® and SFI®.


Did you know?

Only 8% of the plastic produced in 2020 was recycled? Instead of adding extra plastic to make products appear larger, we kept our bottles and tubes lightweight and recyclable. When using Kind Science products, what you see is what you get… because really, it’s what’s on the inside that counts!


How to Recycle

We are firmly committed to recycling whenever possible, but recognize not everyone lives in proximity to a recycling center.

Below are the steps you can take to help us tread lightly on the planet!


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Gentle Cleanser
Micro Exfoliant+

Tube: Cut open and rinse tube. Remove cap and recycle separately.

Firming Serum

Bottle: Remove pump from glass bottle. Rinse bottle and place in recycling bin.

Dispose of the pump in trash.

Hydration Cream
Eye Cream
Neck Treatment

Jar: Rinse jar and cap, place both in recycling bin for disposal at recycling center.

Radiance Oil

Bottle: Remove dropper. Rinse bottle and place in recycling bin.


  1. Pull glass pipette outward from bottom of collar.
  2. Pull bulb outward from top of collar.
  3. Place all separated pieces and bottle in recycling bin for disposal at recycling center.

Shipment Materials

Box: Flatten carton, place in recycling bin for disposal at recycling center

Packing Paper: Remove from box and place in recycling bin for disposal at recycling center.

It may not be possible to recycle packaging in your area. Check your local recycling facilities to see what is accepted.

At Kind Science we will always strive to evolve
our packaging sustainability efforts.

If you are a supplier offering the latest in packaging sustainability, we'd love to hear from you!
Email us at ecokind@kindscience.com

*Customer emails sent to this address will not receive a response. If you’re a customer with product inquiries, feel free to chat with us online or call 1-800-210-3379.